Terms & Conditions

To post an item for sale on The Jack & Jill Market, you must have read the following Terms and Conditions of The Jack & Jill Market and must have agreed to them.

  • Nearly New: The Jack & Jill Market is intended for nearly-new items only. It is not a market for craft items or wholesale new items. An item may be unused or in mint condition, but it must not have been bought only for the purpose of re-selling.
  • Individual Sellers: The Jack & Jill Market is intended for smart-money mums, dads and other carers to buy and sell items. We are not a forum for businesses to trade. Adverts which contravene this may be removed at any time and offenders may have their accounts blocked.
  • Good condition: The Jack & Jill Market is for quality items which are clean and in good working order. By posting an item for sale you are agreeing that an item is in the kind of condition that you would be happy to buy yourself.
  • Responsibility: Buyers and sellers using the Jack & Jill Market enter into agreements and sales at their own risk. The Jack & Jill Market is not responsible for any item sold or any agreement to buy or sell.
    • Safety: Buyers abd sellers are responsible fortheir own safety when completing transactions.
    • Amendments: The Jack & Jill Market reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time.


    We hope you have fun using the website and that you continue to help each other save money and make money the Jack & Jill Market way.

    The Jack & Jill Market Team